Help us to contravene the actual manifesto of El Museo de Las Palabras de Jafre by recording three uninterrupted minutes of you reading, speaking or shouting a poem or a text in a language either invented, unknown or one you haven’t learned yet

El Museo de Las Palabras de Jafre, started in November 2013, on the banks of a canal running parallel to the River Ter on the remains of the walls of the municipal wash house.

It is a nomadic institution unlike traditional establishments in that it has no recognisable base other than its foundation stone. The Museum of Words is a space everywhere where the letters of the alphabet combine to make an infinite language.

Different from traditional museums or libraries, where the past is preserved on paper, on shelves in alphabetical order, enclosed within four walls; our museum has neither walls, shelves nor any books, its intention is not to perpetuate yesterday.  It is interested in words, in the instance in which they cease to be an aspiration and sound is transformed into a language which can continue indefinitely in time. The flexibility allowed by the absence of a building makes it possible for the museum to be everywhere.

Words, that abstract bridge, unite or separate us and sometimes both.

Here a few images associated with The Museum of Words and The Biennal of Jafre and if you want to help Perro Negro to participate in this sound art project. Record your three minutes on any device and email it to

Main image: the poet Jorge Carrasco at El Museo de Las Palabras en Jafre. Photo: Biennal de Jafre